I am Japanese who are studying English.

Quit Lang-8

 Now : I don't post to Lang-8. Reason : get bored. Current : write this blog without Google translate but use Eijiro.

 Today's report : had my hair cut and It's payment was a mere 980 yen. Fantastic.



 Other languages that I like, other than English and Japanese, are Chinese, German and Italian.

 In Chinese, the lining up of the characters in rows looks nice.

 German pronunciation has nice sounds.

 Italian is cool too.

 One of the reasons why I like it is because I played Assassin's Creed.

Halo is my first game.

My first western (Ie : non-Japanese released) game was Halo 1.

 It is the first FPS as well.

I have loved Halo ever since I began playing when I was about seven years old.

Recently I saw the Ranking of active online players on XBOX360.

Halo 4 didn't appear on it.

I'm a little sad.

About this blog

 Hello. I'm twenties Japanese man. This blog is written about my just the same daily life. Now, I hope admission to distance-learning university.

 I was truant student. I had resisted go to an elementary school and junior. Its reason was minor problem. I couldn't get up at morning.

 High school was correspondence education. It took four years to graduate.(Normal, it can leave at three years)

 I do part time work now. It is a little hard. Can I study at university while do job? I don't know. But I'll do. Maybe.

 By the by, the most article of this blog is transfered from Lang-8. Thanks for who corrected my text.